Supertoxic is a multi-cultural film production crew based in New York City.
SUPERTOXIC?? What's that all about?
While working on the documentary Naxos is Everywhere on the Greek island of Naxos, a German artist Klaus Pheiffer, the star of the film, who's been living on the island since 1960-ties, referred to the island's plastic waste pollution as "super-toxic". His remark was spot-on and that's how the name for the film's production crew came to life.
My brother Marius, musician, composer and recording artist, my friend Alex Zdan, film editor and writer, both based in London, and myself joined forces to form Supertoxic Productions. Just recently Dariusz Gackowski, film maker and an accomplished mountaineer from Poland teamed up with us for the production of Czesiek
Here's the list of our films:
Naxos is Everywhere, 2005
Brooklyn-Syberia, 2006
Pugumentary, 2009
Czesiek - currently in production.

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